Holidays are moments often prepared several months in advance, moments awaited by millions of French people, wonderful moments, provided you do not leave your house prey to burglars. Fortunately, there are anti-burglary tips to avoid finding nothing left in your house when you return from vacation.

Burglaries, figures that speak for themselves

The Ministry of the Interior has published the 2016 statistics on insecurity and delinquency. In 2016, the number of home burglaries increased by 4% to 243,500 with a rate twice as high in major cities. Also learn about nekretnine.

Similarly, burglary rates are higher in certain regions: Hauts de France (7.9 burglaries per thousand dwellings), Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (8.7 per thousand), PACA (9 per thousand), Occitanie (9.1 per thousand) and Ile de France (9.2 per thousand). This should not prevent the inhabitants of other regions from taking all the necessary precautions before leaving, especially since a careful look at the statistics reveals a jump in the number of burglaries in the provinces. Thus, even if the burglary rate is 3.9 per thousand homes in Brittany, the Bretons will be keen to protect their homes just as much as the inhabitants of the south of France.

Anti-burglary tips

These figures are not without impact on the feeling of insecurity of the French. A survey conducted by with more than 2,000 people shows that 68% of French people are afraid of burglaries during the holidays and 59% of them think that it is easy to enter their house, even if 33% of homes seem to be protected against burglary: burglar-resistant doors or windows, surveillance cameras, window grilles, etc.

A few tips help to reinforce the security of a home during the absence of its inhabitants. The first is not to publicize his departure, especially on social networks. Similarly, it is prudent not to post photos of his vacation spot for the duration of his absence. This is the best way for burglars to find out about vacant homes.

Another means of information for burglars, closed shutters and mailboxes overflowing with advertisements. It is recommended to ask a trustworthy person, neighbor or friend, to check the mail and open the shutters every day. Neighbors informed of your departure will also be more vigilant if strangers approach the accommodation.

Having a safe at home or taking your jewelry with you are effective ways to protect your valuables, but not enough to fight against burglaries. On the other hand, having your home guarded by a trusted person is a very good tip. There are sites, such as, which offer the services of individuals. This also allows you to keep your animals at home. It is also possible to practice an exchange of accommodation, which allows both to go on vacation at lower cost and not to leave your house empty.

Home automation, the ultimate weapon against burglars

The installation of a connected alarm makes it possible to fight effectively against thefts. However, this installation must be entrusted to a serious company. From this point of view, it is recommended to look for customer reviews to ensure the e-reputation of the companies solicited on the Internet. Home automation brings a real plus to protect your home, in terms of simulation of presence at home. It is in fact possible to install a system which, during the absence, will start as if the owners were still there: opening and closing of the shutters, switching on and off of the television or lights, etc. You can even answer your intercom remotely. Admittedly, this equipment has a cost, but it really constitutes an anti-burglary solution.

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