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Kitchen Tiles for Floor – Tile Shop Near Me

kitchen is a friendly place in the home where friends and family gather. That is why the choice of flooring is fundamental. In addition to having a pleasing aesthetic, it must, above all, withstand this part’s daily wear and tear. To combine durability and elegance, kitchen floor tiles are the ideal option. Porcelain stoneware is characterized by resistance to the various stresses of this technical piece, offering a wide range of aesthetic effects. In addition, kitchen tiles usually have an intense expressiveness and uniquely personalize the space.


Kitchens are usually animated spaces. Frequent passage, dirty shoes and culinary clumsiness are among the expected limitations. Porcelain stoneware kitchen floor tiles resist dirt, stains and heavy traffic.

Kitchens generally get dirty quickly due to greasy protrusions from the cooking area, dust or food stains, among other things. The durable and easy-to-clean nature of floor kitchen tiles is, therefore, a significant benefit. Find out the best tiles suppliers in Dubai with out post. Thanks to its not very porous nature, Porcelain stoneware cleaning requires hot water. This feature allows stains to be easily removed and prevents them from penetrating the surface of the floor tiles reach. In addition, kitchen floors can accidentally come into contact with other substances and must therefore be able to withstand them without deteriorating. On the other hand, Ceramics react in an exemplary manner to chemical aggressions and can, therefore, even be cleaned with professional chemicals without any risk.

Another factor with the kitchen tiles floor faced daily is wear and tear. Often the movements are repetitive in space, mainly affecting the triangle formed by the refrigerator, sink and stove since these are the elements primarily used in preparing meals. Porcelain stoneware does not undergo surface modification and retains its original aesthetic appearance. Wear resistance goes hand in hand with scratch resistance. This is explained by the fact that the same courses are sometimes done with dirty shoes, which are occasionally dusty and can cause scratches due to friction on the floor coverings. However, as with wear, ceramic resists very well. The regular and correct cleaning of ceramic tiles for the kitchen floor, especially in the areas

Finally, falling objects are inevitable in this room and can sometimes inflict blows. The cake floor tiles still have strong impact resistance and do not deteriorate. Therefore, it is a suitable material for this space with particular technical requirements.


The kitchen is the heart of the home, a space where conviviality reigns. It is, therefore, crucial that its appearance can reflect your desires in terms of decoration and your personality. A part from kitchen tiles you may also wanted to know more about swimming pool tiles suppliers in Dubai. The range of colors, styles and finishes of pool tiles makes it easy to transform your kitchen into a welcoming space for family gatherings or evenings out with friends.

The first possibility can be ceramic wood. The many styles available can draw space with a classic cottage spirit but also give a more Scandinavian and modern touch to the decoration thanks to the light colors of the wood. Wood effect tiles for kitchens present various models, creating a functional space without depriving it of the beauty of wood.

Always in a natural style, the stone effect floor tiles create a feeling of sophistication and elegance. The imitation ceramic preserves the natural aesthetics of the original material and is available in a wide range of colors, ranging from warm beige to deep anthracite grey. Stone is an endless source of inspiration for kitchen floor tiles. In addition, different types are available to meet all desires of noble materials. For example, the imitation travertine tiles reproduce the warmth of their traditional beige color for a welcoming atmosphere, while other models inspired by stone with a more mineral character are perfect for more contemporary decoration. Check out more interesting stories and topics at our Blog anytime.

When a luxurious style sets the tone in your kitchen, faux marble is a safe bet to clad the floor. This elegant and timeless choice will improve the kitchen’s look in no time. For a touch of originality, it can be interesting to insert the imitation white marble tile in minor details, such as B. under a central island, to make it stand out in the overall decoration of the room.

For a sleek style with industrial touches, the kitchen floor tile can look like cement. The kitchen tile imitation concrete is presented as a chic industrial material. Various textures are available, and each personalizes the space as you wish. Some products have a very elaborate surfaces with traces of spatulas and tools. This style of floor tiles embodies the workshop spirit and makes an ideal setting for any contemporary space.


How to connect kitchen tiles for the floor with the credenza?

The credibility of the kitchen is an essential part of the kitchen. From a functional point of view, it protects the wall from splashes or splashes from the cooking area. However, it holds strong potential in interior design. To create a harmonious style, comparing the choice of credibility and floor tiles is advisable. For example, if the flagship of the room is the cement tile-style wall paneling, the floor tiles can serve as a support to emphasize the credenza. On the other hand, if you want to play the originality card, it is possible to reverse the trend so that the floor tiles are the element that makes the decoration vibrate. Patterned, colorful or simply elegant, the choice is considerable.

What color of kitchen floor tiles to choose?

The colors of the kitchen floor tiles allow you to reinvent the space completely. Given the wide range of colors available, it is possible to play on the chromatic unity and combine different shades to create assumed contrasts or soft associations. First, from a practical point of view, the kitchen floor must be able to hide dirt easily. For this purpose, gray, beige kitchen tiles are an excellent solution, as opposed to white or black, where the ground is easier to see. In general, sober and neutral colors are recommended, so you don’t have to limit yourself when choosing furniture and accessories. Depending on your decoration style, you have many options: anthracite gray for a powerful and modern floor, beige or ivory to bring brightness or brown for a warm environment.

What format of kitchen tiles for the floor choose?

Kitchen floor tiles come in various formats, from mosaics to large tiles. The ideal size depends on the size of your room. Small tiles are traditionally perfect for small kitchens, just as large ones are suitable for large rooms. However, the style of the kitchen also influences the final choice. If your space is part of a contemporary trend, large formats that emphasize the sense of volume are preferred, regardless of the size of the room.






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