Obtaining an e-visa for India

Obtaining an e-visa for India

It is no longer a secret that the Indian authorities have given permission to the citizens of so many countries to obtain an e-visa. This list looks stronger in 2019, and to our joy, Russia also joined it.

Note! From a technical point of view, the implementation of the electronic version will require downloading to Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer (Windows) version 9.0 and later; and to print the document, you must install Adobe Acrobat Reader version 7.0 or later on your computer to fill out e-visa forms for India without any problems.

And so the first page of the e-visa document is loaded; from it you should start filling out a questionnaire with the information needed to travel to this country. Know more about Savnik.

An example of a sample completion of the electronic questionnaire can be found on the official website of the Embassy of India.

When applying for a visa to India online, including for a child, you should upload a photo file, which should be taken on a white background. In addition, a draft passport with personal data will be required, which will include: name, citizenship, duration of the document. If you are traveling to an Indian state for medical purposes, you must also obtain a medical certificate from a hospital in one South Asian country.

Note: If paperwork of questionable quality is uploaded, the risk of visa refusal online increases.

  1. In the Citizenship column, select the one that suits you, for example, the Russian Federation.
  2. There is a point where you need to enter the name of the airport in India. This is no coincidence, as electronic visas are issued to this South Asian country only in the case of air travel. Therefore, when you start processing documents, you will already have accurate information about the airport of arrival.
  3. Furthermore, the date of birth and the e-mail address for confirmation are entered in the appropriate column, which should be repeated in the questionnaire.
  4. Date of entry into India. It should be noted that this is not less than 4 days from the moment the questionnaire was ready.
  5. Be sure to specify a “tourist visa” by default.
  6. The “Continue” button is pressed and a new page is displayed.

Promotion on the second page of the questionnaire

The next page will first display a message about the successful storage of data and give a personal number of 15 characters, which you must remember and record yourself. This is important because of a possible interruption or problem with loading the document, which can be saved under that name if necessary. After the repair, the long process of filling out the paperwork continues with the application for a visa for India.

  1. This page re-marks the first and last name, and then filling in will only affect those who have changed the last name.
  2. As for the choice of gender, in addition to male and female, a rarer but still existing option is possible – transsexual.
  3. When stating the place of birth, it should be written in the correct translation into English. In general, translation rules according to generally accepted international standards must be followed when completing the entire e-visa document for India yourself.
  4. Where you were born – the next item to fill out will tell you.
  5. The question of the ID number can lead to confusion. Here it is better not to answer negatively to avoid rejection, but to indicate the series and number of the passport for internal purposes.
  6. Religion is, as a rule, for the citizens of Russia Christianity. This column is also not a reason to experiment.
  7. If there are tattoos or characteristic features on the body, they are also indicated in the appropriate column.
  8. By education you can choose what you like from the list, except, perhaps, the status of illiterate.
  9. There is another tricky question about the possible acquisition of citizenship that you should know how to fill out. The answer “at birth” is for those born in the Soviet Union. If the citizenship of Russia or the USSR has been changed to another, then the “naturalization” option should be chosen, and the previous citizenship should be stated in the explanation.
  10. Then write the number of years of residence in the country where the Indian visa is applied for.
  11. And at the end of this page there are questions related to the data on the foreign passport: its series, number, date of receipt and expiration, as well as the presence of another similar document. The latest data means saving the answers and moving to the third page.
  12. Completing the questionnaire. Here begins an overview of the actual data on the exact residential address. You shouldn’t write much – keep within 35 characters. They are followed by city, region, postal code, state and telephone numbers, fixed and mobile. If the actual address and the corresponding one after registration later match, a duplicate of the data you entered with a check mark will appear.
  13. Address information is followed by information about both parents, including citizenship and place of birth, all in the same way as in the passages about your personal information.
  14. Marital status is chosen, followed by a special question about the presence of ancestors with Pakistani citizenship or their possible residence in this country. It is not advisable to describe all the details, even if they happened, due to the strained relations between the two countries.
  15. An occupation is chosen that suits your type of business and the name of the company. The “no job” option is also possible, and housewives and students state the place of work of the spouse or one of the parents.
  16. The job and address (who has a job) are put. Security, police or military service is designated separately. And then there is the saving of the visa questionnaire page for India and the transition to another.

Last page of the questionnaire and its completion

  1. At the very beginning you need to determine the place you will visit in India. One city of residence is enough, but mentioning others is not forbidden. Followed by destination, departure date and airport terminal upon return.
  2. The following group of online visa questions contains information on previous visa applications and past visits to India. Here it is necessary to state the address of residence, places seen and data on already received visas. The question also arises about the possible experience of rejection in the Indian press.
  3. The following part of the document provides details on visits to foreign countries over the past decade, as well as the availability of data on border crossings of SAARC countries: Nepal, Maldives, Bhutan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. If the answer is yes to the latter, enter the name of the country, date and number of visits.
  4. And the last group of questions is the confirmation of the truth of the stated data. As answers, you can provide information from the travel agency, hotel address, etc. It is not recommended to provide fictitious information in order to avoid problems with obtaining a visa for India.
  5. And it remains an important point – uploading a photo for a visa to India. The requirements for this do not differ in complexity: size 5×5 cm, volume from 10 to three hundred kb and resolution up to 1000 px. If necessary, the image is cropped, the confirm key is pressed, then all data is also saved.

The final stage of filling in the electronic document

In the last part, a scanned copy of the first page of a foreign passport is loaded, also in .pdf format and up to 300 kb. If the display is successful, the “Continue” button is pressed.

A page with all the information appears. If inaccuracies are found, the “change” option is selected. If everything is correct, confirm and continue.

Finally, there is a section on how to pay the visa fee by entering the type of card and its details.

Edition price

How much does it cost to get a visa for India? The cost of a visa for Russians is $ 75. This figure may vary depending on the nationality of the applicant.

The final chord will be a successful display of the payment process with the data by ID when sending and the availability of the e-mail address. If the instructions for completion are met, then after downloading the entire questionnaire, the answer should be sent to the specified address within 3 days. Please note that in case of cancellation, the fees will not be refunded. To print a page, press the appropriate key.

When the desired positive response to the requested Indian stamp arrives by mail, all that remains is to enter the consulate’s website and enter the identification number when submitting and the number of the foreign document in the visa status section. e-Visa for India will be displayed on the monitor screen. Printed even on a black and white printer, it should accompany you throughout your stay in the mysterious South Asian country.

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