Finlandia Sauna Heaters - Designs, Models & Buying Guide

Finlandia Sauna Heaters – Designs, Models & Buying Guide

Finlandia has been handcrafting premium sauna heaters in Finland for over 80 years. Their heaters are famous for durability, beauty, energy efficiency, and an authentic sauna experience.

Below we overview Finlandia’s sauna heater models including design styles, sizes, heating elements, available controls, and more. Read on to understand why Finlandia represents the pinnacle of sauna heating quality.

Finlandia Company Background

The roots of Finlandia Sauna date back to 1939 in the small Nordic town of Muurame, Finland. This region has over one million saunas for just 5 million residents – the greatest sauna density in the world.

Founder Risto Jussila began building sauna heaters here nearly 85 years ago. His goal was crafting beautiful high-quality sauna heaters optimized for the Finnish sauna tradition.

Today Finlandia remains a family-owned company run by the second and third generations of the Jussila lineage. While growing into a global brand, they never outsourced production outside Finland to retain quality control.

Finlandia now exports over 50,000 sauna heaters annually to 100 countries worldwide. Yet each heater still assembles by hand in that very same tiny Finnish town upholding decades of heritage.

This loyalty to family ownership and Finnish craftsmanship results in sauna heaters displaying impressive attention to detail. You see and feel the care given to designing proprietary heating elements, durable shells, intuitive controls, and coordinating accessories.

Beyond premium materials and workmanship, Finlandia stands behind all heaters with generous 5-year warranties. This ensures many years of consistent enjoyable hot sauna sessions.

Finlandia Sauna Heater Design Models

Finlandia crafts a wide yet focused line of traditional and contemporary sauna heaters fitting spaces from home saunas to luxury spas.

All heaters use variations of their patented heating elements to efficiently convert electrical current into far-infrared waves and dry radiant heat you can enjoy within minutes. Know more about home sauna steam room installation company Dubai.

Vega Sauna Heaters

The flagship Vega series represents Finlandia’s most popular line featuring stainless steel shells encasing proprietary brass heating elements. Sleek contemporary styling beautifully complements modern or traditional sauna decors spanning residential to commercial.

Tradition Sauna Heaters

As the name implies, Tradition models offer classic Nordic wood-fired sauna heater aesthetics updated for simplicity and safety of electric heating elements. These handsome models evoke the feeling of Old World Scandinavian lake houses.

EOS Sauna Heaters

The Eos modern wall-mounted heaters maximize space efficiency with slim profiles to accommodate confined areas and glass-walled hotel saunas. Horizontal or vertical models purchased separately or bundled with matching backrests.

Solo Sauna Heaters

The Solo line adds a freestanding heater option combining the slender Eos design with a sturdy base allowing placement anywhere a standard floor heater won’t fit. Stainless steel matches Vega aesthetics.

Custom Sauna Heaters

For large commercial projects, Finlandia can fabricate made-to-order Custom heaters designed specifically for unique spaces. Every specification tailors to your exact needs from layout to heating power to beautiful finishes.

Now let’s overview the key factors differentiating models within these five lines.

Sauna Heater Sizes

As the primary heating element in your sauna, choosing the properly sized heater represents the most important design decision.

You want ample power to quickly reach your desired highest “ceiling temperature” up to 195°F (90°C). Yet excessive capacity wastes energy and money while potentially overheating.

Finlandia crafts sauna heaters spanning 5.5 kW to 39 kW heating power levels. Generally each 1 kW can effectively heat approximately 13 to 20+ cubic feet of sauna interior space. But factors like insulation, ceiling height, glass, and ventilation change this ratio.

Use the sizing guides below when deciding the minimum power sauna heater for your custom space. The ranges account for common variations in sauna construction.

  • 5.5-8 kW = 65 to 120 cubic feet
  • 8-13 kW = 120 to 260 cubic feet
  • 13-17 kW = 260 to 375 cubic feet
  • 17-23 kW = 375 to 575 cubic feet
  • 39 kW = 700+ cubic feet (commercial)

Small home DIY saunas may only need a 6 kW heater. Luxury hotel suite saunas often utilize 15-18 kW heaters. Larger health club, pool, or apartment common area saunas may need 30+ kW power.

Sauna Heater Design Styles

Beyond properly sized heating power, choosing a sauna heater style that aligns aesthetically represents an exciting design decision.

Finlandia’s focused model lines each provide different finishes from modern to traditional allowing matching your sauna’s decor.

Contemporary Sauna Heaters

Sleek stainless steel Vega, Eos, and Solo model options blend seamlessly into contemporary glass and tile steam rooms. Gorgeous shell textures catch ambient lighting beautifully.

Traditional Sauna Heaters

Wood-like Tradition series brings charming Nordic essence reminiscent of Finland’s tranquil lakeside saunas. Textured dark metallic shells and grates echo cast iron wood stoves in a updated safer electric form.

Made-to-Order Custom Designs

For large commercial saunas, Finlandia can customize heater sizes, styles, outputs, and finishes to perfectly match your environment brand and needs through their Custom Shop.

Heating Elements

The proprietary heating elements inside each Finlandia sauna heater set them apart from competitors. Sourced and built locally near Muurame, the special nickel-chromium alloy bands heat up rapidly when electrical current flows through.

As they brighten to glowing red, the heating elements emit dry thermal heat you can feel directly without warming the surrounding air much. This infrared energy penetrates human tissue to gently induce healthy sweating just like basking outdoors on a sunny 80°F summer day.

Finlandia renounced cheaper Chinese-made heating elements to retain quality control manufacturing their own. The durable bands far outlive cheaper generic elements, saving you from early replacements. This ensures consistent comfortable heating performance across decades exceeding lifetime expectancies of lesser competitors.

Available Sauna Heater Controls

Finlandia sauna heaters give you Smart and Basic options for controlling ON/OFF power plus adjusting temperature settings. This allows customizing your sauna session’s timing and intensity.

Basic Sauna Heater Controls

The most affordable control option utilizes an external mounted rotary dial allowing powering the heater on and off and adjusting heat intensity. Easy turn of the dial spans low to high heat output levels. No timer exists with Basic controls – you manually control session duration.

Smart Sauna Heater Controls

Smart options add digital control panels with timers allowing inputing your desired sauna length from 1 to 6 hours. Temperature taps let dialing in your preferred sauna ceiling heat between 70°C and 110°C (185°F). The system automatically stops when time expires.

Digital Smart controls mount either inside or outside your sauna depending on preference. Their sleek appearance integrates modernly even on Tradition heaters.

Popular Finlandia Sauna Heaters

  • Vega Sauna Heaters – Available from 5.5 kW to 39 kW, Vega represents the most extensive and popular line. Stainless steel shells containing twin rows of durable brass heating elements to warm saunas of nearly any size.
  • Tradition Sauna Heaters – Crafting classic Scandinavian visual essence inside thoroughly modern 7.5 kW to 16.5 kW power levels. Dark textured metallic finish hiding bright heating elements evokes heritage appeal.
  • Eos Sauna Heaters – Slim wall-mounted units ranging 6 kW to 14.5 kW fitting tight saunas with their space-saving horizontal or vertical orientation options. Matching backrests provide optional modular seating.
  • Solo Sauna Heaters – Free standing stainless steel design houses same elements as Eos to inject contemporary style anywhere lacking room for floor placement. 8 kW to 18 kW options.

This focused yet tiered range of power and style options ensures discovering your ideal Finlandia sauna heater match. Now let’s answer common questions around integrating Finlandia heaters into your new or existing homemade or commercial sauna space.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do Finlandia sauna heaters last?

When properly maintained by following use guidelines, Finlandia sauna heaters last 20-30 years on average before any major component replacements become necessary. Their proprietary nickel-chromium alloy heating elements far outlive cheaper variants, keeping temperatures consistent year after year. Smart design allows easy access for periodic cleaning and replacing minor parts as needed. Invest today in a Finlandia heater to enjoy endless sauna sessions across decades.

Do Finlandia sauna heaters come with warranty?

Yes, all residential Finlandia sauna heater models ship with an industry-leading 5 year warranty. Their exceptional quality control and durable components results in very few issues ever arising. In unlikely event any manufacturing defect causes premature failure within 5 years of purchase, Finlandia or the reseller will repair or replace your heater free of charge. Extending the coverage additionally to 10 years proves possible in some regions. This confidence exemplifies why Finlandia makes the best investment for home saunas.

What electricity supply do Finlandia sauna heaters need?

Finlandia sauna heating units utilize standard single phase 220V household current common in most residential structures. Models up to about 10 kW simply need a dedicated 15 amp breaker similar to a stove or clothes dryer. For larger 15 kW+ commercial heaters, existing electrical panels may need upgrading to add special 50 amp circuits. Ensure consulting an electrician before purchase to handle any special wiring your sauna might require beyond plugging into a basic wall outlet.

How are Finlandia sauna heaters different from competitors?

While comparable premium brands exist, most import cheaply made generic sauna heaters with short lifespans to maximize resale profits. Finlandia focuses 100% on quality and the authentic sauna experience popularized in their Finnish homeland. Beyond gorgeous, durable exteriors, proprietary alloy heating elements far outlast cheaper Chinese variants. Family ownership directs design innovation rather than outsourcing to third parties. No company matches Finlandia’s 80+ years perfecting exceptional sauna heaters day in, day out. Once you enjoy their dry radiant heat, no other heater compares.

Do Finlandia sauna heaters need special ventilation?

Properly ventilating moisture from any sauna represents a key health and safety requirement. Finlandia sauna systems utilize efficient infrared heating elements focused on warming human bodies rather than ambient air. This generally produces less evaporation and steam versus traditional saunas warming interior air to extreme temperatures. However quality ventilation using exhaust fans and outdoor air intake should integrate into any sauna construction plan. Consult local building codes to determine specific CFM exhaust fan requirements when designing your project.


Across over 80 years perfecting premium sauna heaters in Finland’s tranquil lake country, the Finlandia Sauna company delivers an authentic heating experience. Their focus stays rooted in family ownership, Finnish handcraftsmanship, and relentlessly improving sauna heater technology.

Ranging from 5.5 kW to 39 kW power levels, Finlandia offers thoughtfully designed Vega, Tradition, Eos, and Solo series heating options artfully fitting any contemporary or heritage sauna decor. Durable proprietary heating elements made locally provide dry infrared warmth you feel deeply yet gently coaxing healthy restorative sweat.

When planning your new custom sauna, choosing Finlandia sauna heaters ensures enjoying consistent comfortable heating performance across decades. Backup by generous 5-year warranties exemplifies why Finlandia sauna heaters make the best investment in crafting your dream relaxation sanctuary for years to come.


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