The best tablets for children quality-price learn more

The best tablets for children quality-price learn more

Especially in this time of pandemic in which virtual education went from being an alternative to being a necessity, the way in which children relate to technology has radically changed and the tablet has become, not only a study tool, but also, in a window to knowledge and entertainment.

As a curious fact , in 2020 the sale of tablets set a record. According to the IDC (International Corporation Data) 164 million units were sold worldwide. Know more about valentines day gift.

If you are looking for a tablet for your little ones and you have not decided yet, we have compiled some of the best value for money tablets for children .

Why choose a tablet for the little ones?

You may have doubts about whether you should buy a tablet or laptop for a child, probably due to comments and prejudices that you have heard about the negative consequences of technology on the little ones. However, they also have many benefits that we explain below. You mighte be interested in valentines day gift ideas for him.

Tablets are generally affordable, versatile, and can be put to great use. They are ideal both for homework, because they can consult different office applications that will help them complete them, and for entertainment: surfing the internet, video calls and the use of streaming platforms .

The tablet is not only for entertainment, if used in the right way it can be very helpful for the development of children. The use of the tablet stimulates the development of manual skills, as well as visual acuity and the ability to concentrate. It also helps with learning numbers and sequences, while building vocabulary and improving language. Similarly, they are a very effective tool to introduce children to the world of reading and languages. Learn more about valentine’s day gift ideas for her.

Tips for choosing the best tablet for a child


You have to take into account the age of the child, if it is very young you should consider a simple tablet, with large buttons, bright colors and that can be protected from shocks.

With older children, if the tablet is very simple, you may be limiting their learning potential, so you should consider a device that allows them to perform advanced functions such as accessing useful computer programs for school.

In any case, we recommend installing a parental control application on the tablet so that, as an adult, you can block advertising, restrict access to the Google or Apple store and control the use of certain applications. This also allows you to limit the time of daily use, which is very useful to establish schedules and rules.

Regardless of the age of the child, we advise you to buy a tablet with ample capacity and good specifications to prevent it from becoming obsolete after a short time of use. We also recommend looking for a tablet that is resistant (you can always increase its protection with plastic covers to avoid breakdowns since with children you never know).

What use will it be given?

It is important to know what function the tablet will fulfill to determine the size to buy.

For children under 6 years old, small tablets of 7 or 8 inches are recommended so that they are not so heavy and they can handle them better.

For children from the age of 6, a size between 8 and 10 inches is ideal, so that they can study or entertain themselves without any problem.

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