The first electric vehicles and public chargers arrived in Pancevo

The first electric vehicles and public chargers arrived in Pancevo

The great interest of the public, local self-governments, and above all the people of Pancevo, was caused by electric cars, which made the first round in the city on the Thames at the end of October. Pancevo thus became the first place in Serbia where public chargers for electric vehicles were installed, as well as the first local self-government to own electric cars and bicycles.

All vehicles in Pancevo arrived from a donation from the province of Ravenna in Italy worth 220,000 euros, and the “Island for Sustainable Traffic” was placed in front of the Service Center of the City Administration. Know more about Audi A6.

Olga Shipovac, secretary of the Secretariat for Environmental Protection of Pancevo, explains in an interview for “eKapija” how the city got electric cars.

“During the preparation of the proposal for the continuation of the second phase of the project for cooperation within the” Network of Cooperation between Local Authorities in Development and Dialogue in Southeast Europe “(SEENET), implemented by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, representatives of the province of Ravenna suggested using renewable energy sources.

Several variants were considered, from electric cars to the use of solar energy for heating some of the public buildings, small wind generators, public bicycle service, etc. The city of Pancevo decided on the proposal which referred to the possibility of using solar energy for electric cars, considering that it is something completely new in our country and that as such it would be important as an example of using renewable energy sources in the field of transport.

Our interlocutor explains that two smaller cars have been installed on the “Island for Sustainable Traffic” – quadricycles, which are partly made in China, while the “heart” of the car is the electric unit. plant of Italian production, manufacturer “Ggreen Go” from Livorno.

These cars have two seats and are mostly used for city driving. As part of this donation, the city of Pancevo also received a Renault Kangoo, as well as four electric bicycles.

Charging cars when empty takes eight hours, and they can be charged immediately after a short drive. With one charge, you can cover 130-150 km, with an average speed of about 60 km / h.

Solar energy and wind turbines are used to charge the car.

“The canopy for the use of renewable energy sources is supplied with 9 photovoltaic panels and three wind generators with three pillars. Solar energy and wind energy are accumulated by means of collection components, which are placed from above. The canopy is provided with one place for charging small quadricycles, as well as one for charging bicycles. “Renault Kangoo” will be charged directly from the network, considering the capacity of the battery on the canopy, ie the sunshine and wind potential at the location where the canopy is located, “said Shipovac.

The manufacturer of the canopy with photovoltaic panels and wind generators and chargers for direct power from the city electricity network is the Italian company “Giulio Barbieri” from Ferrara.

All donated equipment is the property of the city, so in the future, when electric vehicles start to be used more, the citizens of Pancevo will consider the possibility of using chargers.

For a start, it is planned that these vehicles will be used by employees of the City Administration of the City of Pancevo. First of all, the vehicles will be used in the Secretariat for Environmental Protection, for regular needs of visits to the system for continuous monitoring of the city of Pancevo, as well as inspections for environmental protection. Also, other employees in the City Administration of the City of Pancevo will be able to use vehicles and bicycles, as needed, according to the need and agreement. courier service, other inspections, etc.

For now, there is no data on the plans of other cities for the introduction of such a system, but as they say in Pancevo, many other local governments have shown interest in the electric car system that was introduced in their city.

Maybe other cities will follow the example of Pancevo and introduce electric vehicles. An electric car rental system for all residents already exists in European cities – for example, it was introduced in Paris two years ago.

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