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  • Obtaining an e-visa for India

    Obtaining an e-visa for India

    It is no longer a secret that the Indian authorities have given permission to the citizens of so many countries to obtain an e-visa. This list looks stronger in 2019, and to our joy, Russia also joined it. Note! From a technical point of view, the implementation of the electronic version will require downloading to Mozilla Firefox,…

  • Differences between copyright and intellectual property

    Differences between copyright and intellectual property

    Creativity is one of the most appreciated values ​​in the market, so both artists who create a unique work and companies that produce original products need to protect their creations . In these cases, copyright and intellectual property come into play, mechanisms that act at a national and global level to protect original works and solve possible conflicts…

  • Sustainable urban mobility trends

    Sustainable urban mobility trends

    Traffic jams, pollution and the economic losses caused by intensive traffic are some of the most pressing problems that major cities around the world must solve. The UN has estimated that, in 2050, 89% of people will live in urban areas , so it is essential to implement sustainable urban mobility projects that solve the main difficulties that…