What is a state attorney?

What is a state attorney?

State lawyers have a key role in defending the interests of the State of Spain, regardless of the specific area of ​​law: advice, management, administrative, financial, labor. As civil servants with positions in the public administration, state attorneys, also known as state attorneys, act in the interests of their client: the government.

If you want to know more about what a State lawyer is, what their functions are, where they work, and what you should study to take the first steps on the path to a successful professional career in this sector, such as a Law Degree , in this post you will find all the information.

Functions of the State Attorney

The professionals of the national body of state lawyers can perform various functions depending on the case they are working on or the ministry they are representing. When the state oppositions are approved , the specialty or branch of public law must normally be chosen. Specializations include:

  • Administrative law
  • public international law
  • Constitutional right
  • Criminal law
  • Tax or tax law
  • labor law

In general terms, however, here are some of the main functions of a state attorney :

  • They represent and defend the national interest before any court of competent jurisdiction and in preliminary and extrajudicial proceedings.
  • They deal with the guarantees of human rights in any international court or tribunal in this matter and provide legal assistance to Spain.
  • They request advice on EU law from the institutions and any arbitration process between both parties (EU and Spain). You might be interested in more articles on our site.
  • They create study groups and conduct discussions and debates to analyze national or international legal issues.
  • They assign and manage the budget of the State Legal Service.

Requirements to be a state attorney

To be part of the State Lawyer , the road is quite long, and sometimes hard, because it is a very demanding profession. First of all, one must have a corresponding degree in law. After obtaining the necessary title, like any position in the public administration, you have to present yourself and pass some oppositions .

To give you an idea of ​​how complicated it is, only a third of the applicants who apply for State Attorney competitions pass them. An average of 5 years is required to prepare them since 455 topics have to be studied in depth.

If you would like to prepare the oppositions to be a state attorney, there are some requirements, which are the following:

  • Have Spanish nationality.
  • Have the title of Bachelor or Graduate in Law.
  • Be over 18 years of age and have not reached retirement age.
  • Not be incapacitated or disqualified to practice law or to hold public office.

The test consists of five exercises . The first two focus on purely legal matters . The third exercise consists of a level test in English or French . Finally, the last two exams are written : in the fourth exercise an opinion is written and the fifth consists of an essay on a legal matter of interest to the Public Administration of Justice.

How can the European University help you become a state attorney?

If you want to start on the path to being a state lawyer, there is no better option than studying at the European University. We have a wide portfolio of programs in the area of ​​law, all designed to develop the necessary skills to be successful in your future profession.

In all formats, face-to-face or the Online Law Degree , and on all campuses, Madrid and Valencia , our students are in contact with the professional world from day one. You will study with updated content and the resolution of real practical cases from the hand of a faculty of active teachers. You will also have to do internships to see first-hand how lawyers work and help you in which area you would like to specialize.






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