Specialties of the PRL Master know more about it

Specialties of the PRL Master know more about it

Occupational risk prevention (ORP) is an essential practice in all companies, regardless of the activity they carry out , both in offices and factories. Its main objective is to guarantee employees a safe and comfortable place where they can work. Therefore, studying occupational risk prevention is an excellent option with a view to the future.

Why study occupational risk prevention?

  • Improve the lives of workers. Studying PRL will allow you to improve people’s working conditions. You will be able to contribute to optimizing safety at work and promoting a healthier and more functional space that improves the productivity and well-being of employees.
  • Great demand and excellent employability. Since 1995, all companies in any sector must manage occupational risk prevention, so that this professional is among the 50 profiles most in demand in companies in Spain.
  • Allows you to do investigative field work. If you don’t like office work, occupational risk prevention can be very interesting because it involves doing field work and investigating the causes of workplace accidents.
  • Contact with different professional areas. Occupational risk prevention work demands being in contact with professionals from different areas, from medicine to statistics or law, in a way that broadens the knowledge and networks of ORP specialists.
  • Easy access and wide possibilities of specialization. To study a Master’s Degree in Occupational Risk Prevention, it is not necessary to follow a specific training path since this type of program is aimed at all types of university graduates who are looking for a professional career. In addition, these programs offer different preventive specialties that expand the job opportunities of graduates.

Where to study occupational risk prevention?

At the European University we offer you our Master’s Degree in Occupational Risk Prevention , with which you will learn to design and implement effective prevention plans, as well as to lead the digitization of occupational health and safety in organizations from different sectors.

Our program has the most complete content on the market, so that you can enable yourself in three 3 specialties:

  1. Work Safety. This specialty is technical in nature and acts directly on the physical environment where employees work with the aim of eliminating or reducing the risk of workplace accidents . It includes everything from emergency planning to proper signage in workplaces, material storage or fire safety.
  2. Industrial hygiene. The objective of this specialty is to reduce the risk of developing an occupational disease or injury due to the type of work performed. It focuses on studying, assessing and modifying the work environment to eliminate or reduce the health risks that it may represent for workers.
  3. Ergonomics and Applied Psychosociology. This specialty focuses on adapting the workplace and the worker’s physical and social environment to improve their conditions and well-being. It prevents the appearance of physical and mental fatigue , also controlling the psychosocial factors that can lead to job dissatisfaction and generate situations of stress and anxiety. You might be interested in more articles on our site.

With this Official Master’s Degree in PRL you will also have access to the Internal Auditor Certification in Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems according to ISO 45001:2018 from TÜV Rheinland.

When you graduate, you will be able to work in the area of ​​occupational safety in any public or private company , where you will be able to hold the position of head of risk control or health and safety. You could also work as an analyst in occupational health and safety management systems, an occupational risk prevention technician or an instructor in preventive matters.






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