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  • Specialties of the PRL Master know more about it

    Specialties of the PRL Master know more about it

    Occupational risk prevention (ORP) is an essential practice in all companies, regardless of the activity they carry out , both in offices and factories. Its main objective is to guarantee employees a safe and comfortable place where they can work. Therefore, studying occupational risk prevention is an excellent option with a view to the future. Why study occupational […]

  • High intensity sport know more about it

    High intensity sport know more about it

    The practice of sport is increasingly widespread in society as there is a greater awareness of its importance for health. However, there are people who go one step further and make sport their profession as they present exceptional performance . Such is the case of Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt, Rafael Nadal, Lionel Messi or Lebron James, eminent examples of […]

  • Logistics in e-commerce

    Logistics in e-commerce

    Electronic commerce has been a real revolution in the commercial transactions sector and Spain has not been left behind. In fact, it was one of the countries where ecommerce grew the most in 2020, accounting for 23% of total purchases made on the Internet, according to Statista. In the last quarter of that year, e-commerce turnover reached its all-time […]

  • Career opportunities for pharmacists

    Career opportunities for pharmacists

    Did you know that the pharmaceutical industry is one of the most important sectors of the Spanish economy ? In 2020 it generated more than 22 billion euros, according to Statista. It is not by chance, since Spain is the eighth largest pharmaceutical market in the world and exports products worth around 12 billion euros. In this context, studying Pharmacy becomes an […]

  • Differences between copyright and intellectual property

    Differences between copyright and intellectual property

    Creativity is one of the most appreciated values ​​in the market, so both artists who create a unique work and companies that produce original products need to protect their creations . In these cases, copyright and intellectual property come into play, mechanisms that act at a national and global level to protect original works and solve possible conflicts […]

  • What is a state attorney?

    What is a state attorney?

    State lawyers have a key role in defending the interests of the State of Spain, regardless of the specific area of ​​law: advice, management, administrative, financial, labor. As civil servants with positions in the public administration, state attorneys, also known as state attorneys, act in the interests of their client: the government. If you want to know more about what a […]

  • What is social psychology?

    What is social psychology?

    Society exerts an enormous influence on our psychological development . When we are born, we are immediately immersed in the small group that makes up the family and little by little we are incorporated into other groups that transmit to us a culture and socially shared and accepted values. For that reason, it is impossible to understand the human […]

  • What are commodities?

    What are commodities?

    Markets are almost as old as man. Aristotle mentioned its existence and it is known that in the Middle Ages there were forward contracts between farmers and merchants. However, the derivatives markets as we know them today date back to 1848 , when the Chicago Board of Trade began trading agricultural products. A lot of time has passed since then. The […]

  • Sports manager: functions and skills

    Sports manager: functions and skills

    If it sometimes seems that working in a sports organization means having fun 24 hours a day, managing a sports team or a public or private sports center is a whole business. In fact, for the success of any sports entity, you have to have a large number of personnel behind the scenes. Like other businesses, sports […]

  • Sustainable urban mobility trends

    Sustainable urban mobility trends

    Traffic jams, pollution and the economic losses caused by intensive traffic are some of the most pressing problems that major cities around the world must solve. The UN has estimated that, in 2050, 89% of people will live in urban areas , so it is essential to implement sustainable urban mobility projects that solve the main difficulties that […]

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