Copywriter: what is it? and how does it works

Copywriter: what is it? and how does it works

The copywiter or creative writer is a professional specialized in generating creative ideas and expressing them in the form of slogans or persuasive and informative texts .

To do this, it relies on the use of different formats and channels , both online and offline: web pages, e-mail campaigns, brochures and catalogues, product sheets, advertisements, social networks, e-books, blog articles, applications. or videos, among others.

Although the main mission of this person is to promote a company, a product, a service or an idea , all this also has an intention behind it, it is done in search of a specific action , such as:

  • Make a brand known.
  • Change the image that customers have of a brand.
  • Attract more audience.
  • Get a user to subscribe to the newsletter or our newsletter.
  • Achieve positive evaluations and recommendations of our products or services.
  • Loyalty to a customer.
  • Influencing a consumer   ‘s purchasing decision process .
  • Sign up for an event.
  • Sell ​​a product or service.
  • Etc.

Types of Copywriter

There are many and varied copywriter profiles. Even so, we tell you below some of the most requested by companies today:

Direct response copywriter / Copy of direct response

It makes use of persuasive writing to obtain an immediate response from users or the audience, such as: selling, capturing a lead, getting a new subscription, etc.

Creative copywriter / Copy creativo

The main objective of this specialist is to position a brand in the market, making it a benchmark in its sector.

SEO copywriter

This type of creative writer is in charge of writing the contents following certain strategies to position them in Internet search engines, that is, placing them in the first positions of Google results. You might be interested in more articles on our site.

Marketing copywriter

Use words to connect with the consumer, influence their needs and thus close sales.

Technical copywriter / Technical copy

They are those copywriters who are specialized in a certain market niche and have the ability to create content for a very specific audience.

UX copywriter / Micro copy

It is the copy that seeks to facilitate or improve the experience of a user on a web page, application or digital product, using easy and understandable words, following a logical and intuitive flow, guiding him at all times so that he knows what action he is performing and what step. follows below.

Duties of a copywriter

Now that we know what a copywriter is and what types there are, let’s find out what they do. The work of a creative copywriter consists, among other things, of:

  • Meet with the business team of the brand or company to find out in detail its objectives and the product or service that you want to promote for that purpose.
  • Conceptualize a marketing message or campaign.
  • Offer new and different ideas when a project is stalled.
  • Investigate the target audience and the competition: who they are, what channels they use, how they express themselves, etc.
  • Develop the content plan of the company or brand.
  • Define communication style.
  • Carry out a study of the most used keywords in search engines.
  • Write, structure and edit the texts adapting them to the format and/or channel to be used.
  • Review and correct texts at all levels: style, grammar, spelling, etc.
  • Optimize texts for search engines (SEO writing).

Everything you need to be a good copywriter

  • Organize yourself well and know how to take advantage of that moment of the day when you are most productive, you are most inspired.
  • Write correctly, without spelling or grammatical errors.
  • Communicate with your audience in a captivating and compelling way, write specifically for them. Not only do you have to be able to capture the interest of the reader through your words, engage them, but also get them to stay with the message and convince them to take an action.
  • Be original in form and content, but without losing sight of the business objectives.
  • Stay up to date on everything that surrounds the world of digital marketing (concepts, platforms, formats, etc.).
  • Have notions of SEO, not necessarily of the most technical aspects, but you should at least master the search for keywords and their use in texts.
  • Know the basic concepts of UX. Adapting the language of the content so that the web or app is clearer and easier to use and structuring it giving priority to the most relevant information will not only have an effect on the fact that your users satisfy their needs without dying in the attempt, it will also favor the objectives of the business plan are achieved.

Many of these abilities and skills are acquired with adequate training such as the one we offer at Universidad Europea. In our academic offer you will find numerous degrees that will help you become a good copywriter, such as the degree in Journalism , the degree in Audiovisual Communication or the degree in Marketing .






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