Chief Data Officer: Know more about it

Chief Data Officer: Know more about it

In recent years, companies in Spain and in all corners of the world have realized the importance of data . Technology has opened up opportunities for unlimited data tracking , and that data is now being used to drive everything from product innovation to employee engagement .

Given that data now plays such an important role in determining a company’s strategy and business success, it’s no surprise that we’ve seen an increase in the number of companies building the profile of Chief Data Officer (CDO) within their organizations.

In this post, we will see in more detail about the profile of that Data Director , his functions, and what must be studied to have a successful professional career in that position.

What exactly is a Chief Data Officer?

The CDO is usually part of the executive team of a company or organization. He is responsible for defining the company-wide data and information strategy, governance, control, policy development, and effective utilization of data to benefit the business.

The role of the CDO combines several aspects, such as responsibility for data protection and privacy, data governance, data quality, and data lifecycle management , along with how data is used. data to create business value.

H2: Chief data officer: Funciones

The duties of a chief data officer vary depending on the company you work for and the industry you work in. For example, the CDO of a social media company whose business model is based on monetizing customer data will have different objectives than a CDO in a bank. You might be interested in more articles on our site.

That said, anywhere, the Chief Data Officer has certain functions since he is the one who has the responsibility to use the data for the good of his company and help it grow. Those functions include:

  • Development and management of a data strategy.
  • Implement data governance (rules, practices, and processes for how the company collects, protects, and uses your data)
  • Interpreting data to drive business decisions
  • Ensuring that all sensitive data is secure and that the company complies with data regulations (such as GDPR, etc.)

Chief Analytics Officer vs Chief Data Officer

The difference between a Chief Data Officer and a Chief Analytics Officer (CAO) (another profile that has grown in recent years thanks to the data boom) depends entirely on who you ask and also on the company and the sector.

For some, the CDO role is a natural evolution of the CAO , who has traditionally been responsible for data analysis . But some organizations still distinguish between the two, and the CDO puts more focus on overall business objectives, based on the analysis done by the CAO.

What to study to become a CDO?

To be Chief Data Officer in any company, you must have a knowledge of big data and data analysis. The Master in Big Data Online at Universidad Europea is designed for scientists, engineers, statisticians and mathematicians who aim to work in the world of Big Data.

During the program, you will train with active experts working in some of the most important companies in Spain, such as Deloitte, Cryptoeconomic or Telefónica. You will have access to the latest tools to interpret data, such as Apache Hadoop, Spark, Scala, Python, PySpark, TensorFlow, and more.






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